...Brings Us Closer to Heaven


With all the money spent on our own pursuits, so much suffering could otherwise be prevented... Instead of recreation with alcohol or expensive narcotics, the money otherwise spent on the personal gratification of even one single individual could feed or provide medicine to hundreds starving or stricken by illness.... or housing those without shelter. With the money spent on an exceedingly expensive car, those very funds could offer clothing or heating to those in dire need.

It's one of the natures of sin to neglect others truly in need. Certainly we must ensure our own basic needs, and we are of course entitled to occasional extravagances.. but repetitive excess is not healthy often for us, and neither for the grand scheme of life.

Take a moment to reflect on your own life, and consider where you might forego a selfish indulgence once in a while, such that the benefit of your kind sacrifice... yes, even of one person, can grow exponentially to help many, many others.

Explore online to contribute to genuinely worthy charities, such as those healing children born with cleft palates and other maladies, or those that bring food and clean water services to struggling neighborhoods, or those that find homes for neglected animals, or those that help to aid the homeless.

There are so many choices, ..the main message is to realize that with the actions of just a few, offering help to others instead of ourselves, more frequently day by day, ..we can all achieve more harmony, and far less sin and suffering than exists at present, and in the future.

Please give it a try...